Trail Conditions

The CNHSC groomer operators are a great group of dedicated volunteers. They have attended Groomer training classes and spend many hours of “seat – time” working their magic. Please respect the time and energy they put into making the trails smooth for everyone’s enjoyment. We will post trail conditions every Thursday.

Please keep in mind that the groomers are out in the evening hours while most of us are sleeping.
So posting of updates will typically be delayed by a day.

Ride safe, ride within your limits and stay on your side.

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4-3-17 Trail Report

The gates are closed!

Mud season is here, hopefully everyone enjoyed the ridding on our trails. Thanks to everyone who helped maintain our trail system.

The good news we have some big projects (Huge) coming up this summer. Where going to be building 6 new bridges and repairing 3 others.  Thought our trails were good this year wait till next year. Stay tuned more information to follow in the coming months.

3-23-17 Trail Report

The melting is just too much we have stopped grooming.

Higher elevations have snow but we can’t get there.

Last trail report on grooming unless something happens.

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