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The CNHSC Newsletter

What a great season!!

What a great winter, all of us here at CNHSC hope that you enjoyed it!   With the addition of a 3rd groomer our trail system was fabulous, we took a step back in time with the Model T Club Vintage Day, opened our warming hut & met new people at our trailside club cookout.  Our volunteers work very hard in many different ways to make this club one of the best and to bring it to where we are today.  We would love to have YOU join us in continuing and furthering the success of CNHSC, please stop by a meeting and say “HI”.

Springtime is when we hold our elections for the next riding season.  The nominating commitee presented the following 2015 slate of officers for elections to be held at our next meeting, 4/8/2015:

President-Cory Hilton
Vice President-Peter Hilton
Secretary-Tammy Lawlor
Treasurer-Michael Wilson
Trail Administrator-Duane Johnston

Board of Directors to be elected for 2015 through 2017

Ron Daley
David Uhlman
Corey Avery

*Note: Current Board members expiring Spring 2016:

     Peter Hilton, Dean Johnston, Chris Donahue, Mark Troiano


This Sunday!! Club Cookout & Vintage Ride

It’s on!  

We received our permit for the antique snow groomers & machines ride planned for this Sunday, March 8th.  We will be leaving with the older machines from Dirt Designs shop around 10:30 and driving approximately 1 hour up trail P155 toward Peaked Hill Pond.  There’s a very large clearing where we can all park and visit.  Our club cookout will be starting around 12:00 noon and running until approximately 1:00pm.

The club will be grilling burgers and dogs which will be on a donation basis.  Please bring your own chips, drinks, etc.    Also, this is a perfect time to give our hard working groomer operators a little treat to say Thank You. Gift cards for coffee, meals, etc are much appreciated when they’re out on their late night runs.  Please feel free to drop them in the donation jar.

* Please note our March meeting will be on Thursday March 12th (instead of the usual 2nd Wednesday). *

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Campton Weather

Chance of a Thunderstorm
Thursday 07/30 60%
High 85° / Low 59°
Chance of a Thunderstorm
Friday 07/31 0%
High 80° / Low 56°
Chance of a Thunderstorm
Saturday 08/01 60%
High 80° / Low 55°
Chance of a Thunderstorm
Sunday 08/02 10%
High 80° / Low 58°