10-18-17 Trail Update

Well we finished another bridge last weekend thanks again to all the workers who showed up to participate. This bridge was built from parts left over from bridges we replaced a few weeks prior. It took longer to assemble but its done.  Now we continue on to next project! See you next Saturday.

10-10-17 Monthly Meeting and Trail Work Update

This Wednesday (10-11-17) we will be holding our monthly meeting at Gilcrest Cottages & Motel at 7PM. All are welcome to come.

Trail work is proceeding pretty good. We completed bridge #3 last weekend and moving forward to bridge #4. We also had time to do a little brush cutting. Trails are looking so sweet.

If anyone wants to help out we meet at Dirt Designs on Saturdays at 8AM and head out. I must say we have been having a really great time assembling these bridges. Thanks to all who have made this work happen.


There is still time to get a 3 year ad on our new trail maps.


10-3-17 Trail Update

We spent last Saturday brush hogging one of our trails.  Just 11 months some of the trees and weeds are already 6′ tall!

Still have more to do,  but this coming weekend focusing back on building bridges. We meet at Dirt Designs for 8:00 AM on Saturdays. ATV’s are welcome but must be registered.

Thanks again to all our helpers. Lets keep our club trails great…

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