11-16-17 Trail Update

Last weekend we tried to inspect as much of the club maintained trails to find out what condition they are in from the recent storm that occurred. We did this with the use of ATV’s to speed up the process.  We had to move at least 30-50 down trees to complete this task. There are some trails that we could not check because landowners do not allow us on their land with ATV’s, so on these trails we are not sure of their condition just yet. Overall it looks like we faired well compare to other clubs. At present we lost 1 small bridge which we might be able to salvage and a few culverts need some work.

We will not be working this weekend on our trails but we encourage you to help out the surrounding clubs if you can.

Below are some photo’s of the damage that neighboring clubs are working with.


11-9-17 Storm Update

After last weekend we cleared the trail from Gilcrest Motel all the way to Warren. We inspected the bridges and culverts on this trail also. Overall we faired okay on this trail. This coming weekend we need to at least inspect everything else we maintain so we can account for damages to the state. We will be meeting as usual at Dirt Designs Saturday at 8:00 AM and the weather is suppose to be brisk!!! ATV’s are welcome. Also thanks to the nonmembers for helping out last weekend.


11-1-17 Trail Report

Well we decided to do some more trail maintenance this weekend because of all the bad weather we got. It will be a good time to take your ATV’s out on trails you could never ride on. They must be registered! We suspect we will be removing down trees. Meet at Dirt Designs Saturday for 8AM and will head out.

Some of last weeks shots.


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